Who I am

We are called from an early age to seek our path and our choice of life, I made mine when I was 19.

My name is Gaia Giardini and I was born in Rome, the passion for horses has always run through my veins since I was a child starting to ride a horse at the age of two, I always like to say that I first started riding and then walking . 

When I finished compulsory school I tried to start the veterinary school but the books were not my great friends at the time, so I decided to suspend and understand what direction my life had to take; I moved to the spa areas of Saturnia, also following my call to nature, and I found "HOME", my Equestrian Center.

At the age of 19 I started this activity and I concretized my professional life, first becoming an equestrian guide of the Fitetrec-Ante federation, then completing my professional figure with the environmental equestrian riding course recognized by the Tuscany Region and continuing my growth as an instructor in the FISE federation. The engine that allowed me to go beyond fatigue and daily difficulties was my passion for the world of horses and the desire to be able to introduce the beauties of nature, the equestrian world and all its benefits to the new generations.